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Local Business Marketplaces

Introducing VIT's Local Business Marketplace:
Empowering Local Procurement 

VIT develops Local Business Marketplaces that are designed to cater to buyers who prioritize purchasing from their local markets, whether it be cities, communities, or states. These unique B2B marketplaces exclusively connect buyers with vendors who are local to their region, with a particular focus on MWBE (Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise) businesses. 


At VIT, we understand the importance of supporting and nurturing local economies. That's why our Local Business Marketplaces provide a platform where buyers can seamlessly access a wide range of products and services offered by vendors from their own communities. By choosing to purchase locally, buyers not only contribute to the growth and development of their local businesses but also foster economic sustainability and job creation. 


Develop a marketplace with a diverse group of local vendors.

VIT's Local Business Marketplace collaborates with local municipalities & local business entities


Ensure buyers have a wide array of options to meet their procurement needs.


Have a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to discover, connect, and transact with trusted local suppliers. 


Support the buyer’s commitment to sourcing products and services from their own community. 

Key Features With Your Subscription


Customized view


Integration with Procurement Platform/Financial System

(If desired) 


Buyer specific rules


Comprehensive reporting 


Access to the best MWBEs in your area 


Option to help recruit top businesses in your area that you want to work with 

One example of our successful Local Business Marketplace is the ELM marketplace. This marketplace is a Chicago area marketplace, it has multiple buyers who each have a unique view of their personalized marketplace. By bringing together the local buyer community with a curated selection of vendors, VIT's Evanston Local Marketplace enhances collaboration and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships within the local business ecosystem. 

Experience the power of local procurement with VIT's Local Business Marketplace.
Together, we can drive economic growth, promote sustainability, and build stronger, more resilient local business communities. 
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