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Federal / State Marketplaces 

Introducing VIT's Federal/State Marketplaces: Empowering Government Procurement Compliance 

VIT's Federal/State Marketplaces are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of government and state agencies that prioritize compliance with government mandates. Our marketplace serves as a centralized platform that enables these entities to streamline their procurement processes while ensuring adherence to regulations and requirements.


Are fully customized marketplaces and assist federal and state agencies to manage non-contract spend

VIT's Federal/State Marketplaces allow government and state agencies to navigate the complexities of compliance with ease.


Facilitate compliance to overarching initiatives or compliance with regulations, executive orders etc.


Are for agencies seeking to increase diversity spend


Helps agencies comply with a government mandate.

Additionally, VIT's Federal/State Marketplaces offer comprehensive reporting capabilities. Our platform generates detailed reports that enable agencies to track and manage spend effectively. These reports provide valuable insights, allowing for informed decision-making and enhanced control over procurement activities. We are committed to supporting these entities in their mission to procure high-quality goods and services while upholding regulatory standards.

Key Features With Your Subscription


Compliance with government regulations


Cardholders comply with a wide range of initiatives in a convenient, modern & regulated way


Integration with Procurement Platform/Financial System (If desired)


Customized view


Buyer Specifc Rules


Comprehensive reporting


Access to the best MWBEs in your area


Option to help recruit top businesses in your area that you want to work with

VIT's Federal/State Marketplaces are built with unwavering compliance in mind, especially within the government sector. A prominent example is our collaboration with the US Air Force, where we align with the JWOD Act, Section 889, and the Trade Agreement Act. These compliance measures ensure purchases meet the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Orders are seamlessly processed through our Business Service Centers (BSCs), ensuring direct compliance oversight. Our commitment to supplier credibility and reliability fosters strong relationships, bolstering the procurement ecosystem and marketplace transparency. At VIT, trust and compliance go hand in hand.

Join us in creating meaningful relationships, fostering compliance, and unlocking new efficiencies in government procurement.

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