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Introducing eLink™: Your Cloud-Based Solution for Better Purchase Management

Experience the power of eLink™
A cutting-edge cloud-based spend management tool designed to achieve your spend management goals

With eLink™, we effortlessly build, implement, host, and maintain customized direct URL and punchout catalogs. Whether you're looking to manage B2B products or services, especially indirect supplies from contract vendors, eLink™ has got you covered. Gain visibility into your non-contract spend, drive your non-contract spend to corporate initiatives and support initiatives. 

Say goodbye to fragmented product and service choices across your supplier base. Our eLink™ system enables companies of all sizes to effectively manage their associates' options, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced management control. eLInk is not a procurement system or ERP, it is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that exists with your procurement tools, eLink™ doesn't compete with them. Instead, it seamlessly complements their functionality, addressing any gaps that may exist. 

By hosting your own shopping catalogs for preferred suppliers, expertly managed by the VIT team, you can tap into the power of multi-vendor catalogs. This allows you to guide your end users toward the best-priced items, leveraging the contracts you've skillfully negotiated. The award-winning eLink™ system empowers you to promote the purchase of products from a variety of vendors, including diverse and local suppliers, those offering environmentally-friendly options, as well as other unique or socially-conscious initiatives.


It's time to take control, simplify, and automate your online shopping experience with eLink™. Discover a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your procurement process. 

Introducing eLink™: Unlocking Powerful Features for Streamlined Procurement

Experience an efficient procurement process and unlock significant cost savings with the eLink™ Gateway. Maximize efficiency, control, and savings like never before. 

With the eLink™ Gateway, you gain access to a range of powerful features designed to revolutionize your procurement process. Let's explore what you can expect:

Spend Management:

Track savings at a granular level with detailed, auditable reporting. eLink™ provides an intuitive audit trail that goes beyond simple budget comparisons, allowing you to trace the actual savings generated from procurement decisions. This feature helps you bridge the gap between theory and practice, quantifying your hard-earned savings. 

Price Stewardship:

Prevent unapproved supplier price changes in real time by leveraging the expertise of our VIT team. Instead of relying on suppliers to update their own punchout catalogs, eLink™ facilitates catalog builds and updates on your behalf. This ensures greater control over pricing and eliminates unexpected cost fluctuations. 

Workflow Management:

Automate product substitutions to optimize savings using eLink's™ patented optimization process. Our system handles complex business rules at the point of purchase, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities while ensuring cost-effective choices. 

Spend Analytics:

Gain comprehensive insights into your transactions with detailed data points (over 125 per line item per order) at your fingertips. eLink™ provides customizable management reporting, empowering you to identify opportunities for product standardization and savings. 


Put an end to rogue spending by implementing a user-friendly eCommerce platform under your control. By leveraging the eLink™ Gateway, you can drive compliance with your negotiated contracts and encourage increased usage of your preferred vendors. 

Catalog Management:

Take control of end user product choices effortlessly. eLink™ manages vendor catalogs using customized, world-class search logic. With eLink's™ best-in-class data harmonization, you can compare products across multiple vendors and uncover recommended or required substitutions, leading to substantial savings. Additionally, eLink™ streamlines the integration of supplier catalogs for punchout catalogs. 

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