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We help with managing their procurement processes, including tracking savings, controlling product choices, preventing unapproved price changes, optimizing workflows, analyzing spend data, and enforcing governance.  

Value Innovation Technologies Addresses The Challenges Companies Face

VIT solves these challenges by leveraging the eLink technology combined with our experience and expertise to solve spend management problems and facilitate the achievement of spend management goals. This solution allows businesses to easily establish and maintain their own marketplaces tailored to their specific needs. This platform provides features such as detailed savings reporting, catalog management with automated product comparison, workflow automation for product substitutions, in-depth spend analytics, and governance tools to ensure compliance and vendor usage control. The eLink platform provides the necessary tools and functionality to create local business marketplaces, federal/state marketplaces, and customized corporate marketplaces, enabling seamless transactions and efficient procurement processes within these specific market segments.


We help municipalities (local business marketplaces) to achieve their local and diverse spend goals while accounting for the all-non-contract spend. Federal/State government agencies are able to drive compliance and receive reports that accounts for each purchase and purchase category. We simplify government compliance issues. Customized corporate businesses can create marketplace for any need they may have. We curate based on their specific and unique needs, whether contract based or non-contract based.  


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